Sprocketts by the Bay

Sprockett family adventures as California residents

Los Angeles

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We’d been planning a birthday trip to Los Angeles for about six months. No concern to us that the only time we could travel there to celebrate my birthday was 3 months after the actual date (who doesn’t like to be celebrated and wear the birthday crown a little longer?). So November was the plan, heading down for a quick weekend on the Saturday and Sunday before Thanksgiving.

As we started to plan, we learned that our Portland family was also heading to LA for the week of Thanksgiving, so we had to plan a surprise “run in” on the Santa Monica Pier. Dan’s sister was in on the scheme, but her kids were horrified when she walked up to a “cute guy” on the pier and started talking to him. In hindsight, we probably shouldn’t have been facing away such that we could see them approaching but they only saw our backs, but we found the approach creative and hilarious.


We were so happy to spend the afternoon and evening with our family — talk about a bonus to your birthday weekend!

The next day was a rainy LA day (a rarity, but we happened to hit it just right) so we opted for indoor activities, starting with a tour of the Warner Brothers’ Studio in Burbank where favorites like Gilmore Girls, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and many others are filmed. The tour took you through sets (indoor and outdoor), costumes, the prop house, and the WB Museum. At the museum we got to see the Central Perk set, learn how the forced perspective shooting was done in the Hobbit, make our own Harry Potter green screen action, hold an actual Oscar, see well-known props used in movies and TV, and learn more about filmmaking magic. I’d definitely recommend the tour for older teens and adults.


With the rain, we opted to visit the Getty Museum after our WB tour. We enjoyed the audio tours provided at the museum before sitting down for a free drawing class, at which Dan excelled and Andrea, well…we all have different talents.



One weekend in LA is not nearly enough time to see everything we want to (eventually) see, but we knew that in our planning. Now I’m eager to plan another trip down to SoCal, getting more time in Los Angeles and maybe sneak in a trip to the San Diego beaches.


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