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Computer History Museum

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Nearly everyone in Silicon Valley says, “Oh, the Computer History Museum? It’s awesome!” And my internal monologue conversation responds with, “Yeah, sure, but how awesome can a museum be about the history of computers?” Turns out, pretty awesome. There are opportunities to play, to watch videos, and to read engaging displays. Oh, and to pretend like you own the Google self-driving car.


The museum starts clear back with the abacus and slide rule, so you’ve got quite a long way to process through the history of computing! We gave ourselves two and a half hours to explore and ended up being chased through the last 50 years by security to get us out of the building at closing time.

IMG_9598 IMG_9601

We learned a lot about how computers have been used and developed, rivalries in the world of computing, who has been successful and why (and who has not been successful and why), how computers have been used throughout history, and where computers are headed, with the added bonus of a bit of a walk down memory lane as we saw the computers and computer games of our childhood featured in the museum.

Before you go, check GroupOn — there are frequently two for one deals. But go! It was worth the trip.


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