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Birthday Weekend all around the Bay

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We celebrated my birthday from San Jose to Oakland over the course of a week, so that’s what I call a birthday celebration success! On my actual birthday, a Wednesday, we zipped away from work to an early bird dinner on Palo Alto’s California Ave. While I’m usually a person who plans things like birthday dinners far in advance and likes reservations, this birthday seemed to sneak up amidst a whirl of work and moving. So this year, we opted to head out and stop when we found something that looked good. That place ended up as a little Italian place and shared plates of pasta and fish.


After dinner, we took the short drive to the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts for the opening night of “Wicked.” This musical has been on my “really, REALLY want to see list” for years and it even made my “40 things to do by the time I’m 40 list” so this was a big night. I had read the book about four years ago in preparation for the day when I would eventually get to see the musical and didn’t love it, but everyone who saw the show said it was incredible. And after going, I’d have to agree. The music and effects are beautiful, the conversations are witty, and the harmonies between Elphaba and Glinda were stunning. I’ve jumped on the “go see it!” bandwagon.

The next day, my work celebrated with decorations at my desk, truffles, and flowers. I had surprised everyone on my actual birthday by proclaiming the day without any advance notice, so it was incredibly sweet that they celebrated the day after (now that they knew).

For the weekend, I headed for a weekend of fun with my brother and Laura in Oakland while Dan was out of town. We went out to dinner at Penrose, a restaurant of small shared plates and tasty cocktails. After a yummy and unique dinner, we headed home for a very special cinnamon bundt birthday cake.


Sheer deliciousness for days.

Sheer deliciousness for days.

Nick turned the cake into breakfast the next morning by toasting a slice on the stove and adding warmed blueberries. It was like a super moist French toast (a huge shout-out to the cake-maker, Laura, for making such a delicious cake that could be eaten as both dessert and breakfast).

We also enjoyed a lovely morning run around Lake Merritt, something that I’ve really been looking forward to doing!

And then the girls (plus another good friend) went out for girl time and shopping and conversation. After a successful shopping trip with Laura and Sophia picking out things I probably wouldn’t have picked up, but ended up liking the most (and these items now live in my closet), we headed for a late lunch at Rudy’s No Fail Cafe. And it did not fail to meet expectations. A little out of the way and unexpected from the outside, it has a big menu and hit the spot.

We wrapped up the day with a fashion show, including Nick modeling a few suits for us and showing off his dapper self.

If this week of celebration is an indication of the year to come, it’s looking pretty darn good.


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