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Create it Ceramics

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Our housing complex sponsored a pottery painting event at Create it Ceramics. And it was not what we anticipated.

We arrived early to pick out our piece to paint, which was a more difficult task than I would have guessed. Especially since going into the day I already knew I wanted to paint a mug. But there were several styles of mugs to choose from, combined with distracting items like pretty plates, and candy bowls, and 3-in-1 teapots. It’s a good thing we were early because we both needed that time to select the perfect mug.

After directions and several minutes of puzzling at the wall of colors, I sought assistance coordinating the colors for my coffee (or in my case, tea) mug. When I finally sat down to paint and enjoy the company, I was only about 20 minutes behind the rest of this very creative group. But in my previous pottery painting experiences my “take home” was less than impressive and little used, so I was determined to make something “pretty” and “displayable.”

With a lighthearted activity, you would think the conversation would stray toward subjects that took little brain power so you could concentrate your brain power on your pottery. Topics like television shows, movies, summer plans. But then again, this is Stanford. (And apparently it was just me who needed so much concentration!)

While painting several layers of color onto our chosen pottery pieces, we discussed the philosophy of law and the right to punish others who break the law. We discussed socialism, motorbikes and the best routes to the beach and back (one of the motorbikers was painting a giant T-rex bank…so it just goes to show that you can’t make assumptions on first appearances), microbiology, and economics. Among other subjects.

Focused on painting straight lines on my mug.

Focused on painting straight lines on my mug.

It certainly made the nearly three hours it took to create these masterpieces pass quickly! What a fun group of new Stanford connections!

"World Best Microbiologist"

“World’s Best Microbiologist”

And the finished, fired products:

Trying to show the really cool microbes Dan pained on his mug.

Trying to show the really cool microbes Dan pained on his mug.


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