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Emily’s Good Influence

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I must sincerely thank Emily’s cousin for moving to California and deciding to get married in our backyard because that facilitated a visit from my dear friend, Emily. Although we had been talking about this trip for months, neither of us actually thought to go through the details with the other. Here’s my “for example.” I knew her cousin was getting married at a winery. So I assumed that meant Napa or Somona wine country, about an hour and a half north of us. Dan and I pondered how she would get there without a car and even considered booking a getaway weekend to double as a ride to get Emily to the region.

It’s a good thing we didn’t book that weekend away, because the wedding could not have been closer to us. I mean, the wedding hotel was literally the closest hotel to our home. Talk about convenient (for us)! And the winery was only about 30 minutes from us and is one that has been on our list to visit. Emily, world traveler that she is, beat us to it.

Emily came in a few days early to hang out. She even came to work with me, early, early in the morning and hung out in the city. Since she was in the city, we were able to have lunch together at Osha Thai. Be warned: the portions are enormous. We shared a meal and both left quite satisfied. So think hard about how hungry you are before selecting your order!

SF lunchtime

SF lunchtime

And bonus that after the rehearsal dinner, we were able to fit in a trip to Cream for ice cream sandwiches. Emily and ice cream sandwiches made with with warm cookies — doesn’t get much better. (Anyone sensing another of the developing themes of my blog? My new-found love for ice cream sandwiches…)

Emily and CREAM. What a perfect night!

Emily and CREAM. What a perfect night!

In addition to the chance to catch up and just have one of my girls from what’s getting to be “way back when” around, I credit Emily for the following: holding me accountable for my recent haircut, shoe shopping online followed by purchasing the loafers and neutral flats identified online, using tinted moisturizer, and starting my own life questions list. Yep. She’s a good influence.


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