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Frosty & Rich came to town

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Our good family friends, Frosty & Rich, are world travelers. I mean, Rich told us he went to Dubai once. He and another friend will pick a far away location and travel there for two days, to see how much they can do in just two days. Amazing! So when Rich says that San Francisco is one of his favorite cities, it means something. We were actually quite surprised that Frosty, also a world traveler, was making his first trip out to the city.

Frosty and Rich’s visit was a real treat, in both the literal and figurative sense of the word. We met them for dinner at Boulevard, near San Francisco’s Financial District. And they know how to do dinner right from appetizers through the three desserts we ordered. Hey now, we shared those desserts! Although, let’s be honest, I totally would have eaten all three on my own. When you combine unique and delicious food with well traveled, well read, and just overall wonderful dinner companions, it makes for a very special evening.

Plus, I got some travel tips about what to do in San Francisco (yes, the tourists were giving the locals tips), starting with the City Guides walking tours they recommended. I’m happy they like this city and hope that we’ll be seeing a lot of them out on the West Coast!

The dinner crew. Do you like how I am the only one with good lighting on me in this picture? On purpose...?

The dinner crew. Do you like how I am the only one with good lighting on me in this picture? On purpose…? (Fun note: Laura also joined us, but I felt it was important to have photographic evidence of both Frosty and Rich in San Francisco.)


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