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Oakland’s Historic Paramount Theater

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We visited the Paramount Theatre in Oakland for a showing of Mary Poppins.

20131115_195041Mary Poppins is a good movie to watch as a child, but I enjoyed it more as an adult, especially in the beautiful restored art deco theater. The energy in the packed theater added to the fun — patrons singing along with parts of the songs, clapping, light-hearted laughter, and “oh isn’t that lovely” sighing at all the right times.


I was surprised at the size of the crowd for the showing, but it didn’t take long to see that the draw was more than the movie. In addition to the movie, the Paramount shows an old newsreel from the time the movie was released, an old-timey cartoon, and brings out the Deco Wheel spin-to-win for audience prizes. And all of this for only $5!


Check out the calendar and go — it’s a great evening and you’ll leave with a smile!


(Photo credits to Nick L. Thanks!)


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