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Sprockett family adventures as California residents

A Non-New Year’s Resolution Blog

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While living in Australia for the past year, Dan and I blogged about our wild (and sometimes less than wild) adventures Down Under. [Blatant plug: check out sprockettsdownunder.wordpress.com.] As we were preparing to leave Australia and return to the United States, a surprising number of friends and family asked if we were going to continue the blog. Although this spoke to my 8 to 12 year old ego who had planned to become an internationally famous author, without actually putting any real thought into the question, my response was, “No. ‘Sprocketts Down Under’ doesn’t make sense once we’re living in California. Clearly.” My sarcastic tone and accompanying eye roll was appreciated by all. And that’s the stance I’ve maintained. Until this week.

This week I started preparing a presentation about my Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar year in Australia and found myself relying heavily on the blog to find pictures. And as I pulled down photos, I re-read the stories we had written. It was fun to relive our adventures and to have a written record of some of the details that have already gotten a bit fuzzy.

So that’s what did it.

For nothing else, it will be my memory. And my favorite photos aggregated on one site. And perhaps it will even be helpful to a few new California residents or the ten to fifteen people who (I understand) visit San Francisco each year.

Off on new adventures: living on the West Coast and blogging about normal, everyday life.


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